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Costa Mesa may be expensive, but it also comes with the advantage of having awesome weather over 300 days a year. One way to help offset the cost of living in Orange County is to start producing your own energy by installing a Solar System at your home. No longer will you be beholden to SDG&E or SoCal edison, and their exorbitant energy rates. Now you can become your own energy company, and even sell some of your excess energy back to the companies you used to have to pay. Sounds like a pretty good deal right?!?

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Did you know that there are different types of solar systems? 

Home Solar Panels Costa Mesa, CA

Residential Solar

Residential solar systems allow home owners to become their own power company. Instead of having your home suck energy from the grid you can harness the energy produced by the sun, and store any unused energy in a battery for night when there is no sun to provide you with power.  

Solar Panel Installer In Costa Mesa, CA

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation is quite simply the process of installing solar panels on your roof or side yard, and then hooking those solar panels up to your homes electrical system. Whether you purchase your solar panels from us or already have some we can help you get your panels professionally installed.

Commercial Solar Panels In Costa Mesa, CA

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems can be a huge opprotunity for small business owners. If you are a small business owner, and own the building where your office is then you should definitely look into the advantages of adding solar to your commercial building.

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Going Solar 

Costa Mesa, California

The sun's energy can be used to power your home's electrical needs and lower your carbon footprint significantly. This gives you access to a clean and renewable source of energy, and it goes a long way towards reducing our dependency on fossil energy and nuclear power. For people living in the West Coast, there are vast amounts of solar energy just waiting to be tapped for residential and commercial use.

Solar panels soak up energy from the sun's rays and convert it into electric power that can be used in the home to power appliances. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that are mounted up on the roof and generally oriented in a way that allows maximum exposure to the sun. When the sun's rays hit the cells, they generate electric power. A component called an inverter is used to convert the energy into AC (alternating current) that can be used to power household appliances.

Home solar energy can also be used to heat your water and run the air conditioning unit, both of which account for most of your total energy use. When used to heat water, solar power can minimize the amount of energy that you draw from the grid by up to a third, which in the long run reduces the cost of energy for your home.

The Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Power

The overall reduction in cost can be observed over a period of time. Although homeowners need to spend money on the initial start-up and set-up, this can be looked at as an investment, for which the homeowner will appreciate in the long term. The benefits far outweigh the cost of setting up a solar power system.

The first reason is obvious: you get to create your own power, which translates to less reliance on the grid and a reduction in utility bills. An argument can be made for solar energy as a solution for avoiding future power increases from electricity produced using the more traditional sources of energy such as oil and gas. As the manufacturer of your own renewable electric power, you can significantly reduce your home's dependence on fossil fuel and other energy providers. In the long run, this can add market value to your home, as more investors are considering solar power an added selling point.

Environmental Benefits

Perhaps the most important reason for installing solar panels on your home in costa mesa is to slow down and ultimately to reverse the effects of carbon pollution to our environment. Unlike traditional sources of electricity, solar power is completely non-pollutant and renewable, which makes it the best alternative particularly for people living in warmer climates.

The Basics of Solar Power

Before investing in solar power, it's worth noting a few things about your specific power needs and what makes a good investment. There are a number of points worth considering.

· The total amount of electricity used in your home and the efficiency of your solar system will determine the extent to which you can rely on the solar system to replace grid power.

· The efficiency of your solar power will be influenced by factors such as the size of the system, the specific solar panels used, etc.

· There's no immediate need to replace grid power. Solar energy can work in tandem with your current grid electricity. The key is to store solar power in batteries for home use, and supplement with grid power when there's insufficient solar energy to power up the cells.

· In order for the solar system to be effective, your roof has to be oriented in a way that captures a significant amount of sunlight.

· Federal policies may affect your eligibility in terms of rebates for the electricity you produce. Check with local state laws to determine existing solar energy policies in order to make the most of these rebates.

· Make sure that any purchase meets or exceeds federal standards and that installation is performed only by qualified and licensed personnel.

Commercial use of Solar Power

Due to the growing demand for green energy and a growing number of federal policies aimed at boosting alternative energy in business, more people are looking for ways to implement solar energy for commercial use. Among the several renewable energy sources, solar power is proving to be most reliable in the long term, and the reduced electricity costs are a major incentive. The cost per unit of your current grid power is generally much higher than what you would normally spend for solar energy, and this is true for both commercial and residential use.

Good RoI

Government intervention has helped encourage the use of solar power in business. Reduced cost of solar equipment and maintenance-free systems means that businesses can invest without any immediate financial concern. In addition, most solar systems come with a 25 year warranty and they are designed to provide clean power for 25-40 years.

Investing in solar energy will lead to a major reduction in fuel consumption, and this will lower greenhouse gas emissions globally. By using alternative energy, you effectively take on an active role in fighting pollution an added benefit for businesses as it shows your company's level of awareness and responsibility. It's a great PR tool and a stepping stone on the way to complete reliance on green energy sources.

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The benefits of solar energy make it by far the best alternative source of energy for people living in California. Millions of households in the country have already been fitted with solar energy systems to take advantage of the free and infinite source of energy, leading to more awareness and interest in alternative energy. Based on your specific energy needs, you can be able to install solar power and start saving on power bills immediately, and over the course of time you can minimize your reliance on grid power with an aim to go completely green. The sun's energy is vast and largely untapped. But as more people evolve toward safe energy, we will continue to see many new ways to use solar power in the home and at the office.


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